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Nonosweeper - play Minesweeper with Nonograms
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Play Minesweeper with Nonograms!

Nonosweeper is a game of speed and skill based on two different puzzle games. The interface has been designed to mimic that of the popular Windows game Minesweeper, but the game itself is actually a variation on the puzzles known as Nonograms.
Nonosweeper Beginner
Nonograms (also known as CryptoPics or Griddlers) are logic puzzles in which the aim is to reveal a hidden pattern by looking at the number clues.

The numbers list the groups of adjacent mines for each row and column, as you can see in the picture.
Your job is to find all the mines using these clues, but take care - one false step and the mines will explode!

Nonosweeper is freeware - which means, just in case there's any misunderstanding, that it's completely free!

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Nonosweeper Intermediate


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Minesweeper with Nonograms
Nonosweeper - Play Minesweeper with Nonograms
The ultimate Nonograms software
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